Privy Weekly Blog Roundup for Marketers (5.3.2013)

We're back once again to bring you all the latest and greatest content for marketers from around the web. This week, we've got a bevvy of insights about Facebook and its continual evolution as a marketing platform for restaurants and small businesses. We've also got highlights from some recent studies showing increasing consumer reliance on mobile devices for purchase decision-making.

First things first: we've got some tips from Christian Hollingsworth at Smart Boy Designs on how to use Facebook to promote your restaurant. Sure, there are hundreds of 'how to use Facebook for your brand' guides out there, but his approach is specifically geared towards restaurants and shines in its poignancy and brevity. He says (and we agree) that multimedia content should be both engaging and useful. Hire a professional photographer and get shots of both the food and the restaurant itself. Give your audience a renewed reason to come in. He also says to solicit reviews from your customers, both in the restaurant and online. He says, "Genuine reviews build trust about your business." Read all his tips here.

Next up, we've got an announcement from Facebook (via The Next Web), which is the unveiling of their Promoted Page Likes feature, designed to help "new advertisers without sophisticated targeting needs" acquire likes and build their brand presence. Facebook provides a 1-minute overview of the new service, which we've got for you below.

This week, we've got another infographic put out by Postrocket, whose EdgeRank guide we featured 2 weeks ago in another blog roundup. This one, entitled 18 Sweet Tips for Facebook Page Posts is an adorable summary of Facebook best practices for successful posting. Definitely worth a look.

We also saw some recent pieces of research emerge this week, studies around consumer mobile usage and its influence on their decision-making patterns. The 2nd Annual Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study published by TelMetrics and xAd confirms the notion that consumers are turning more and more to their mobile devices for help in making purchasing decisions. Some highlights of the study include:

  • 46% of respondents said they use their mobile devices exclusively used mobile as their default/primary research tool
  • Local relevancy continues to be a key mobile influencer as users cite location, local offers and promotions as the top reasons for purchase selection.
  • Nearly 60 percent of mobile users (including nearly 80 percent of tablet users) indicated using their device at home, signaling that mobile usage is starting to cannibalize desktop/PC usage

We've also got some research, compiled by ConstantContact around smartphone email usage in the US, and it tells a compelling story.

  • As of February, 133.7 million people in America use a smartphone, representing 57% of the mobile phone market. That's up 8% from November 2012 alone.
  • In March 2013, 43% of emails are now opened on a smartphone, which is a 330% increase since 2011 (when the figure was only 10%).

What does this all mean for you and your marketing initiatives? It means that you should be focusing on smartphones as the next primary media delivery system, and you should adjust your priorities (and your resolution) to meet the growing demand for content on mobile devices.

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