3 Reasons You Need A New CMO

Times have changed.  A CMO's job is always about growing top line revenue - but today, that isn't limited to managing ad spends, administering brand recognition surveys and fielding customer surveys.  It's now about building relationships.


The age of digital technology has made it insanely easy for brands and consumers to stay connected.  Want to know what the latest and greatest is?  Go to the website.  Want to see the personality of the business?  Go to Facebook.  Want to complain?  Take to Yelp and Twitter.  

Your business needs a new CMO - one who understands what it means to build, maintain and nourish consumer relationships.  Here's why: 

  1. We Live in a Blended World.
    Online is not different than offline anymore.  People are always  online.  You must have a CMO who understands how people connect with brands online, in order to craft an experience offline that encourages them to reconnect and promote your brand. 
  2. You're OLD.  
    Your customers have changed and your customer service must, too - instagram screwed the marketing world.  Well, not really - but it opened up consumers' eyes to the world of online sharing.  Have a great moment?  Share it!  Have a terrible moment?  Share it!  This means that brands have lost complete control of customer feedback...it's in the wild.  Phone customer support is no longer sufficient - it must be through online chat, social media response and email.
  3.  People Want to Feel Different
    I am not my mother, nor your neighbor, nor that teenager, nor that senior citizen. Do not treat me the same.  The only differentiation in messaging brands understand is demographic segmenting, but people are more than just segments. They are people and they want to be treated as people.  KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS - the more you know them, as people , the more you can craft messaging to them as individuals.  Oh, and by the way, you can email them, individually, and make them feel like they're your most important customer.

CMO too expensive to replace?  We understand.  To learn how to provide your current CMO the extra spark you need to thrive today, click here.