New Feature: Private Guest Reviews

One of the beautiful things about delighting guests with limited time offers, is that they're happy to give feedback at the point of engagement. To help you capture that delight, we've launched the ability to have guests submit reviews on their experience immediately after redeeming a special with Privy.

 After successfully redeeming an offer with a mobile phone, the guest is prompted to write an optional review. Don't worry, we will not publish these reviews anywhere outside of your dashboard.

Customers are prompted to submit a review after redeeming a limited time offer with Privy.

These are just for you to see, and use as you see fit. If a guest submits a review, you can find it attached to their customer profile in your Privy dashboard.

Simply login to your Privy dashboard and click on the "customers" tab. You'll immediately be able to see the number of reviews you've received and can click on the "reviews written" box to segment your list of customers by those who have written reviews.


 When viewing your customer list, you'll notice a small chat bubble icon which means that that specific customer has written a review. Simply click the icon to read the review!

read reviews.png

So, what should you do with these reviews?

Here are a few ideas for how to use your guest reviews. 

  1. Thank your guest for their feedback. You now have their email address, facebook profile and twitter profile. Send them a personalized note, thanking them for their feedback. A little personalization in marketing goes a long way.
  2. Use the reviews as testimonials on your website or other collateral. For privacy purposes, you can redact the customers name and add the quote to your website.
  3. Use the reviews as content for social media. Again, remove the guest name, and post the review to your Facebook or Twitter profiles.

If you have any questions at all about the review process, or how to creatively use your reviews in your marketing efforts, don't hesitate to reach out!