Privy Weekly Blog Roundup for Marketers (6.14.2013)

It's been a busy week for us at Privy, and the blogs are aflutter over announcements that have come this week. We're also playing catchup on a few pieces leftover from the NRA a few weeks back, and finally, some social media advice in an unlikely format. Let dive in, shall we?


In a move that has elicited reactions ranging from #itsabouttime to #nostopyoureruiningit, Facebook announced this week that it will start accepting hashtags as clickable links/filters across its platform, a feature that has long been a staple of other social media networks, most notably Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, among others. Hashtags serve as a trend identifier and discovery tool, allowing users to search for and attach to trends, and brands are increasingly using them as a point of campaign unification across social networks. Coincidentally, we wrapped a 3-part series on hashtags today, which introduce you to them and give you what you need to know to leverage hashtags for your brand. 

Mashable has been covering the announcement and reactions from every angle, so here's a quick roundup of their coverage:


NRA 'Leftovers' Roundup

The National Restaurant Association's annual conference was held a few weeks ago in Chicago, and while we covered it (and we were there!), a few insightful articles have emerged since the show that we felt warranted sharing. Mark Brandau's article for NRN (Nation's Restaurant News) highlights how many digital companies were present at the show, further confirmation for us of a shift toward mobile-device-based marketing and loyalty systems.

 Ron Ruggless covered a social media panel at the show, where experts representing major restaurant brands discussed best-practices, as well as emerging trends in social media, including the use of Vine and Instagram, platforms for sharing visually-engaging content as well as the practice of following your customers back, so that you can monitor what's hot and up-and-coming in the social sphere.

Panelist Tim Baker, VP of Digital Strategy with NY-based PR firm MMW Group highlighted our long-heralded understanding that, “[Followers] are following you because ultimately they want discounts, they want offers, they want information,” Baker said, “so make sure you are giving them that. … At the end of the day, most brands follow restaurants on social media for discounts and savings.”

Our last piece this week is a brilliant, albeit blunt comic from The Oatmeal describing how to get likes on Facebook. There's no secret sauce to getting social media attention, just post engaging content. It's too big to post here, but give it a read for a great laugh to get your weekend off to a great start.

How to get more likes on Facebook

How to get more likes on Facebook

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend, and don't forget to check back every week for more insights and announcements from the best of the blogosphere!

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