Privy Weekly Blog Roundup for Marketers (6.6.2013)

Here we are once again to bring you some of the best and brightest from around the web from this week. Let's go!

Pew Research has released new data showing that smartphone owners are now the majority of mobile phone owners in the US. Pew's numbers say that 61% of mobile phone owners use smartphones, while comScore's research says 58%. While the true number is floating around somewhere in the range of 60%. These stats confirm the widely-held understanding that Americans are increasingly active on mobile devices, which leads to more mobile search, more opportunities for deeper engagement, and more access to customers on the go.

Boloco is one example of effective secret menu execution

Boloco is one example of effective secret menu execution

 This article from QSRMagazine caught our eye this morning, discussing how secret and hidden menus can be a major draw for restaurants. It's well known that customers love feeling special (could we say 'privy' to exclusive offers), and giving socially-savvy customers access to secret menus is perhaps the best way to provide them a sense of exclusivity. The article mentions our friends over at Boloco, whose secret menu items came organically out of customer requests using the ingredients they already stocked, saying that they weren't originally intended to be secret menu items, but spun those great ideas effectively in their Friends with Benefits campaign. At Privy, we love helping restaurants utilize social media to make their audiences feel special, and secret menu items are a perfect way to do that.

Facebook announced some changes to its advertising platform yesterday, paring down its 27 (you read that right... 27!) various advertising offerings, including getting rid of Sponsored Stories, Questions for Pages, and Facebook Offers. We think this makes total sense, but will simplification of the ad platform attract more novice marketers, or drive away savvy marketers who thrive on options? Only time will tell.

We can never stress enough how important email marketing is to SMB's and especially restaurants. Mashable rounded up 10 ways to improve your email marketing efforts. Some of their tips include integrating social media (which you should have already done), making your emails mobile-optimized (which means more than just cramming it into a smaller window), and plan you segment strategy - micro-segmented lists convert 4 times as well as general segmentation.

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