How to Get Repeat Customers

Here at Privy, our goal is to get your customers in your store over and over again. This customer retention and repetition is part of the key to success. Here are some suggestions for turning newly acquired customers into frequent repeats.

Create a Signature Menu Item That People Crave

Without a brand and something that people actually desire, there is no reason that they will be driven into your store. You should develop that one item of food your restaurant could be known for. Create the feeling that people need to eat your food and they will start to crave this. If you have a brand, food, and experience people want, you will have repeat customers which in turn directly brings in more revenue.

Personalize Your Communication

People love to feel like they are cared about, so give them this attention. Reaching out to people through emails and social media and informing them about deals or the restaurant in general could have great positive effects. It could bring them through the door and introduce them to that menu item you have polished to be desirable. Keeping up with the customers is also a great way to get them back in the store

Customer Service


Customer service is an incredibly important aspect of the dining experience. As mentioned before, people like personal attention. It is part of the reason they come back. They could like the the service you provide, the fact that you know their order, or even as simply as their name. The relationships you establish with your customers could be incredibly influential in creating repeat customers.

You lose time and money focusing on acquiring new customers. If you focus more of your time on customer repetition, it will help establish you restaurant’s brand, its experience, and ultimately make you money.

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