New Feature: Import & Export Your Customers In One Click

You probably already have lots of different things in your life that are a disorganized scrambled mess, so here at Privy we wanted to help ease your burden as a marketer and make sure there's one thing in your life that is super clear and easy: your customers.  Our latest feature, importing and exporting your contacts, ensures clarity and control over your growing customer contact database.


Keeping Things Simple

We understand (probably better then most!) that customers come from many different sources, like facebook, twitter, website, email, etc - we know that can cause a major headache when you are trying to organize and sort through all of your customers. Over the past few months we have added many new features that will help you better get a grasp on who your customers are like our new dashboard and revamped results section but now we've really changed the game with the ability to import and export your customer contact information in a single click.


One Click Import/Export Functionality

We are proud to announce that you can simply and easily export your Privy customers to your MailChimp (and now Constant Contact!) accounts, and also to import your customer contacts from your MailChimp and Constant Contact accounts and add them to your Privy customer database!

In case you don't use MailChimp or Constant Contact, we've also added the ability to import or export via .csv files, so that you can add any email address you collect, such as from comment cards in your store locations.


What This Means For You

So what, you may ask?  Here are some new actions you can take with this new functionality:

  • Run "First-Time Customer Only" Promotions
  • See how many new and repeat customers each campaign earned
  • Get more data on your existing customer emails, such as their social profiles and more. 


How To Get Started

Let's show you how you can use this new feature in your Privy Dashboard: 

First, located in the account settings section of your dashboard, you will notice that we've added the ability to link your Constant Contact account if you have one:


Just like adding Facebook, Twitter, or MailChimp accounts

Next, after linking your accounts, in the Customers section of your dashboard we have added a new import button right next to the familiar export button: 

Importing from your email accounts is as easy as exporting from them. All you have to do is select the place you want to import customers from, then choose the list you want to import and boom!  All of those customers will be imported into your Privy database, just like that. 

Just select a list to import and we will do the rest!

If you choose to import your customers from a csv file, make sure your file follows our guidelines and click import - it's as simple as it sounds!


Follow our .csv file upload guidelines and you'll be able to import any customer contact information you've collected!

We'll let you know when we have finished importing your customers

We hope you take advantage of and enjoy this powerful new feature.  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and blog (on the left side of the page)  so you can stay up to date with our tips on how to utilize this feature as well as new features that we are constantly releasing.  

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