Privy Weekly Roundup (7.5.2013)

Hi Everyone - we hope you enjoyed a fabulous July 4th celebration! A few noteworthy posts this week.

Social Media Post Optimization by Day of Week, and Time of Day

(Via Saxum

In honor of Social Media Day, Saxum compiled some stats and put out a fabulous info graphic detailing usage stats across the top social media platforms. I highly encourage you to check out the full post, as you can identify when might be best to post to each outlet in order to optimize viewership and engagement. As you might suspect, Facebook and Twitter see the most activity in the middle of the week between Monday-Thursday from noon - 4 PM.  

The way we view paid search results is about to change

(Via PPC Hero

Ever been duped into clicking an advertisement on a google results page when you thought you were clicking an organic search result? Well, you're not alone. But things could be changing, soon. The Federal Trade Commission sent demands to the major search engines, saying:

To avoid the potential for deception, consumers should be able to easily distinguish a natural search result from advertising.

Namely, advertising disclosures need to be CLEAR and PROMINENT. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens here. 

Yelp makes it easy to avoid (or find) hipster spots in your city ;)

(Via Yelp

For a change, Yelp put their data and reviews to good use this week when they released an interactive map view search search for major cities. You can easily search for reviews that include "hipster", "yuppie" or "bacon" to find or avoid areas of town that are known for these sorts of things. 


Approximately 10 Billion monthly mobile searches are for local

(Via StreetFight

Yes - you read that correctly. Of the 20 Billion monthly searches conducted via mobile, approximately 40-50% of them are local.  That's incredible.  A large chunk of this traffic ends up on Yelp and Google Maps, but also small business websites as well. The crazy thing is that only about 5% of those sites are mobile optimized. Yikes.

That's it for this week. Check back in every Friday for a roundup of what's happening in the worlds of restaurants, marketing, and technology. Alternatively, you can get this roundup delivered to your inbox every week by signing up below! 


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