The New Facebook Insights: What you need to know

Facebook is beginning to release the new version of their page insights to  page administrators. In short, they're now giving users the ability to dig MUCH deeper into their page analytics. Here's what you get:

  1. A quick snapshot of what's been happening this week on your page
  2. A view into fan base growth over time and how people are connecting with your page
  3. Cmparisons of post performance for each of your posts
  4. A deeper understanding of your fans, who they are, and when they're actively engaged

There's a lot to explore, so be sure to opt-in for the facebook walkthrough when you enter insights for the first time.  

The New 7-day Snapshot

A new 7-day snapshot view of your facebook page analytics

Understand which post type gets the most exposure

Post Exposure by Type of Post

Insight into where your likes come from

Page likes by channel

Know when your fans are online to optimize post timing

Optimal times for engagement

Export your data so you can get super geeky with it

export facebook page insight data

The key takeaway is that Facebook is now focused on providing insights you can act on. It may be a bit overwhelming at first, but, the ability to find out more about who likes your page and engages with your posts, and when can help you plan future posts around increasing engagement and virality. 

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