How restaurants can leverage KitchenSurfing to increase awareness and guest frequency


For those that haven't yet heard of it, Kitchen Surfing is absolutely amazing. The website is a marketplace where local chefs and cooks can create profiles and menus, and consumers can select a chef based on budget and taste profile who will come cook for a dinner party.


Once a party is booked, the chef will bring over equipment and supplies, prepare the meal and then clean it all up like it never even happened.

I recently hosted my first gathering with a few friends and was excited to use KitchenSurfing to find an awesome chef. When we came across Clarice's profile, it was love at first sight. Within minutes, our party was booked and the menu was set.

Clarice, currently a cook at Boston's B&G Oyster, and previously a cook at Boston's Menton , came to our apartment and cooked an incredible, four course meal for my group of friends. It was absolutely a dream. If you don't believe me, check out the menu and photos below.

As I recapped this one of a kind experience, it got me thinking. Since the night that Clarice came over, I've now been to B&G Oysters on two occasions, and have referred multiple friends to the restaurant as well, always suggesting they ask for "Clarice" when they're there. Before the KitchenSurfing night, I had been to B&G only once, two years ago.

Clearly, the intimate experience of having a top chef at our apartment, amongst friends, had a major impact on both my frequency of visits to B&G and also the awareness my network is now generating around the restaurant. 

Though it's still in an infancy, I would highly encourage restauranteurs and restaurant marketers within hospitality groups consider their KitchenSurfing Strategy, and they should absolutely encourage their chefs and cooks to participate in the service. 

And, for those that are interested, here was the menu Clarice prepared: 

  • Cocktail 1 - Pineapple mint mojitos
  • Cocktail 2 - Watermelon basil fizz
  • Appetizer - Crostini with herbed goat cheese, prosciutto, persimmon and green onion
  • Course 1 - Mussels in coconut curry lime sauce
  • Entree - Pan seared hake fish with corn, bacon and seasonal veggies
  • Dessert - plum upside-down cake with basil sorbet

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