Weekly Blog Roundup for Marketers (8.23.2013)

It's been a big week in marketing and tech, so let's jump right in.

Retailers Lagging on Loyalty Opportunities with Mobile Wallets

(via Mobile Commerce Daily

Retailers are missing out on a large opportunity to engage customers in-store with mobile-wallet-based loyalty programs. In a study conducted by Vibes, consumers were asked whether they were aware of non-payment side of mobile wallets, noticed retailers implementing mobile-wallet loyalty programs, and whether they would utilize loyalty programs in this setting. Key findings include: 

  • 19 percent of consumers surveyed said they have noticed a retailer implementing offers and loyalty programs using the technology
  • 48% of consumers are aware of the non-payment side of mobile wallets
  • 33% of consumers have used mobile wallets for non-payment functions, which includes coupons and loyalty card storage
  • 59% of consumers surveyed said that they would have a more positive view of a retailer if they received digital content through a mobile wallet in the future

The payment side of mobile wallets have not shaken out, with numerous carriers, financial institutions and third-party vendors vying for a share of mobile payments. Therefore, the opportunity for retailers should be more focused on deals and offers that tie into a retailer’s CRM and loyalty efforts.

Google Analytics Expanding Premium Tools

(via SearchEngineWatch


Google has announced an expansion of its industry-standard Analytics tool, offering a valuable attribution modeling platform to the premium version. Whereas the standard tools offered by Analytics deliver attribution and track the touch points that lead the consumer to an end goal (i.e. a purchase or conversion), this new tool automatically weighs specific touch points based on data models demonstrating their value to the process. With better attribution modeling, advertisers gain a better understanding of what marketing efforts are proving fruitful and this tool allows them to dive in deeper and see which components of a marketing mix deliver the highest conversion rates. With a better understanding of what's converting well, users can re-allocate their marketing spend to maximize conversion and ROI. Get it from the horse's mouth here.

Twitter Releases Research Proving Value for SMB's

(via Twitter

Twitter set out to prove that user engagement with SMB's drove real business results and hired MarketProbeInternational to research their assumptions. They then went on to sum up their findings nicely in this infographic:  

Findings of research around user-brand engagement and what it means for SMB's

Findings of research around user-brand engagement and what it means for SMB's

The Psychological Hierarchy of the Email Campaign

(via ClickZ

In a simple graphic, the folks over at BrightWave Marketing have condensed the goals of the email marketer and the psychologies behind the actions of the subscriber at various states of conversion in an email-based campaign. Poignant and effective.

Interaction Hierarchy of Email Marketing Campaigns

Interaction Hierarchy of Email Marketing Campaigns

Yahoo Got More Unique Visitors than Google for First Time since 2011

(via Mashable

Before your jaw hits the floor, this headline (and the statistic underlying it) comes from comScore and is really a rank of unique visitors to the sites. It's essential to note, however, that for some reason, these numbers include neither Yahoo's newest big-name acquisition Tumblr, nor Google's Search-related assets. Coverage of the report has attributed this relatively minor win for Yahoo to CEO Marissa Mayer's efforts.

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