How to geotarget a Facebook post to a specific location without boosting or advertising

Lots of clients ask us how they can target facebook posts to specific locations, and whether or not they need to advertise or use power editor to do so.

Absolutely Not! 

You do not need to pay to target your facebook post to a certain geography, nor do you have to use power editor. You can certainly boost posts in certain geographies or advertise in certain geographies, but you can do so with out advertising as well. Follow these simple steps next time you want to geotarget the audience who sees your facebook page post:

1. Head to your Facebook page settings

2. Under "General", find "Post Targeting and Privacy"

3. Click the checkbox to enable post targeting

4. Now go to create a new post and click the "compass" tab before posting

5. Select "Location"

6. Add your specific location!

7. Post!

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