4 Keys To A Big Week In Sales [Privy Case Study]

Last week was an epic week for Epic Burger.  As a result of a simple “Free Fresh Cut Fries” campaign, the Chicago-based burger joint was able to reel in the biggest week of sales in company history.  It might sound simple but there’s more to a successful campaign than a free order of fries.  Here’s how they were able to drive so many new customers in-store:

1. They offered an incentive for an email address.  Epic Burger gave away something very small in exchange for an email address: a free order of fries.  They understand that the long term value of an email address is much greater than the dollar it costs to give away an order of fries.

2. They capitalized on high intent website visitors.  By having an eye-catching button on their site promoting the campaign, they were able to convert website visitors into email subscribers, and the free order of fries made Epic Burger a no brainer for people looking to grab lunch in Chicago that week. 


3. They distributed the campaign across multiple channels.  In addition to their website, Epic Burger distributed this campaign across Twitter, Facebook and they put a few dollars behind a Promoted Post. The promoted post with a nice image of the fries ended up being their most viral post to date on Facebook.


4. They kept things simple.  Overall, the campaign was clean, simple and straightforward.  Epic Burger drove everyone to a landing page that only has three fields on it: first name, last name, and email address.  The result? Over 40% of the people that were driven to the landing page entered their email address.


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