Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Leverage your additional website traffic to build your email list

According to comscore, on Black Friday 2013, over $1.2B was spent online. And sure, the usual suspects of Amazon, Walmart, etc saw a good portion of that traffic, but this also represents a major spike for other smaller retailers and restaurants benefitting from the holiday cheer and gift giving season. 

Don't miss out on your holiday season website visitors. As the website traffic you're getting spikes in the next few weeks, you can use the opportunity to build real customer relationships, even if you don't run an ecommerce business. 

 Website traffic spike during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Website traffic spike during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Privy Email Drives Repeat Customers

When you've got a high intent visitor on your website this season, consider using a small offer to grab their email address, then add them to your newsletter.

Not only will you satisfy consumer intent by giving them a small incentive, you'll also grow your email list for future marketing campaigns. Don't get left in the dust this Black Friday and Cyber Monday!


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