Email Marketing Ideas and Inspiration [Privy Case Study]

In the past, we've written about some strategies for figuring out what to say in your marketing emails if you are stuck, but what should those emails actually look like?  We're lucky to have some pretty smart customers that have email marketing down to a science.  Here are a few examples to inspire your next campaign.

Fat Jack's Subs

Fat Jack's Subs has five locations in the Denver area and recently used email to promote their new menu for summer.  Sign me up for the El Bandito.



SA PA offers fresh and fast modern Vietnamese food in Boston.  They ran a sweepstakes with the goal of driving traffic to their new location in Cleveland Circle.  In order to be eligible, you and to come in and buy lunch.  The winner received a pair of New England Patriots tickets.


MAD Greens

Over the last few years, the marketing team at MAD Greens has been able to grow a huge email list by serving up great food and great content.  Email is their number one channel to drive business, and here they used a newsletter to tell their customers about their new Grilled Piri Piri Shrimp.


Paris Creperie

Paris Creperie serves up (you guessed it!) delicious crepes and used email to welcome back college students.  They do a great job of staying consistent with their branding - their content always looks great regardless of where it is online.


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