Facebook News Feed Update - What you need to know

Well, the week wouldn't be complete without another major social network updating the way the news feed works for users. First, Twitter announced major changes to their timeline, and now Facebook. Yes, Facebook, once again, is making significant changes to the content that shows up in user's feeds when they login.

Reducing the number of overly promotional page posts

The idea behind the change is to help make sure the posts users are seeing in their news feeds are incredibly relevant and high quality. According to Facebook, "The changes are based off user feedback saying that promotional posts from pages they "like" are bogging down their feeds". Although this seems a bit counterintuitive, the people have spoken. 

What makes a page post feel too promotional?

1. Posts that solely push people to purchase a product or download an app

2. Posts that push people to enter sweepstakes or promotions with no context

3. Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

Though the concept of "feels to salesy" is a bit subjective, in the above example that Facebook gives, it seems as though the language around "Buy the DVD!" feels a bit pushy.

What does this mean for you?

Yet again, Facebook is changing the way your page content gets eyeballs. As Facebook put it, "the News Feed is already an incredibly competitive space. As more people and pages post content, competition to appear in a user's feed has increased. This means that people should expect the reach of their organic page posts to decline."

Great - that means that in order to reach the fan base you've spent so much time and money building out, will see fewer of your posts, unless of course you advertise. Even more reason to leverage your Facebook fans and turn them into subscribers on your email list. I don't think the email inbox will be updating their news feed algorithms any time soon.

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