How To Capture Email Addresses On Your Website With The Privy Widget

As we regularly preach to marketers, your website is an incredibly powerful source of new leads and email addresses. In fact, across all Privy marketers, website is the top channel for growing your email database. It's one of the reasons we coach marketers into creating what we call long running offers or LROs and leaving them on your website. In 5 easy steps, you can begin collecting tons of email addresses from your website. Click through the slides below to learn how:

1. Install the privy widget code on your website. This is a one time installation that only takes a minute. If you don't know how to do this, simply have the instructions emailed to your website manager. 

2. Create a small offer to incentivize email sign ups. 

3. Turn on the website widget as a distribution channel for the offer.

4. Choose the widget style that looks best on your website.

5. Customize the text, positions and colors to match your brand. 


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