How To Use Yelp To Grow Your Email List and Drive New Customers In-Store

Love it or hate it, Yelp is an incredible channel for engaging with consumers, especially for restaurants. Just run a google search for any local business, and for the majority of searches, the business' Yelp profile will likely rank higher in the search results than the business website itself, otherwise it will likely be one of the top four results. As a a marketer, there's a tremendous amount of high intent consumer traffic landing on your Yelp profile. Use this to your advantage!

Lately we've been seeing Privy marketers using our landing pages to drive their organic and paid Yelp traffic to landing pages that help them capture email addresses, and measure the in-store customers generated directly from Yelp.

Once you've created a landing page for your offer, you can choose from several places to insert it on your Yelp profile. 

Yelp Profile URL

For marketers who do not pay for Yelp advertising, you can simply insert the landing page link in the "URL" or "Website" field of your profile, as seen below.

Yelp Advertisers: Call to Action Button

If you are paying Yelp for advertising, you can create something called a "Call to Action" button and put it on your profile page. For an example, check out the screen shot below.

In both cases, the marketer is driving the click to a landing page with an offer incentivizing the visitor to opt-in with their email address, and subsequently redeem the offer in-store when they visit.

Drive Yelp clicks to a landing page

Here is an example of a landing page used in the  Yelp campaigns

Track success and grow your email list

If attribution is handled properly by your landing page, or if you're using Privy, you'll be able to see exactly how many clicks, opt-ins and in-store visits resulted from the Yelp campaign, as seen below:

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