How Uncle Maddio’s Added 6,000 Emails in 6 Months [Privy Case Study]

Over the last six months, Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint has been able to grow their email list by over 40 percent, adding 6,000 new email addresses. While Uncle Maddio’s has a great brand that people really love, it's not just a coincidence that they've been able to grow their list at such an amazing rate. Here are three specific things they’ve done to help fuel that growth:

1. They are always collecting email addresses on their website.  Your website is the number one source of new customers and new email addresses.  By always having an eye-catching offer up there, they are able to convert web visitors into email subscribers at a much higher rate than the typical signup form. 


2. There’s always a clear and compelling call-to-action.  You may have a signup form on your website and you’re probably posting about your products on your Facebook page, but for the average consumer, that’s not enough.  You need to give them a reason to take action.  Instead of just saying “We’ve opened a new store in Jonesboro, Arkansas,” Uncle Maddio’s came up with a campaign that offered value to their Facebook fans and gave them an incentive to give them their email address.


3. They always drive people to a landing page.  Just because someone is a fan on Facebook or a follower on Twitter, that does not mean that they are on your email list.  By driving customers to a landing page for a specific campaign or offer, Uncle Maddio’s can capture email addresses from any online channel.


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