What Makes A Great Landing Page

As a marketer, landing pages are crucial to measurement and improvement, as well for capturing leads and email addresses . But what makes a great landing page design? Let's take a look.

Mobile friendly and desktop friendly

Given the current trend towards mobile, your landing page design needs to be both mobile friendly as well as desktop friendly. It also needs to load incredibly fast. Large images that take a while to load can dramatically reduce conversion rates.

Content that excites

If you're successful at driving traffic to your landing page, you need to offer something worthwhile to successfully convert your visitors. In the example above, the marketer is using a small giveaway to incentivize conversions.

Social media links

If your content and offering is great, you need to make it super simple for visitors and recent conversions to spread the word. Baking sharing capabilities on the bottom of your landing page design is a great way to drive additional, free traffic to your page.

Simple forms

Ask for only what is absolutely necessary. Long forms with tons of extraneous, required fields will reduce conversions. We coach marketers to only ask for name and email, or in some cases, just email to reduce friction in the conversion process.

Context for after the conversion

In this example, the marketer wants to first convert the user on the offer, and then drive the consumer in-store. As such, they've included a list of restaurant locations on their landing page template on the right side of the page. The list is ordered based on which location is closest, and the consumer can search for other locations of their choice.

Data and trackability

Any good marketer knows they must be able to track the conversions of a landing page, in order to A/B test content and design, and optimize over time.

As you can see, the landing page template shown above has converted really really well. At the time of this screen shot, the landing page has had 203 clicks, and 99 form conversions. That's a ~50% conversion rate. Unbelievable!

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