Twitter News Feed Update - What you need to know

The last time witter updated the news feed was, well, I actually can't remember, it's been that long. But that's part of the beauty of it. As an avid Twitter user, I know what to expect when logging in: The most recent tweets from those I follow, in chronological order. 

Despite the recent rumors that Twitter would be adopting a Facebookesque algorithm for surfacing tweets in your feed, that is not the case. Twitter did however hint at a few key changes you can expect in your feeds in the near future.

1. Timeline Highlights

For users who have not logged in a while, Twitter will begin surfacing a "while you were away" section to help you catch up on top tweets you likely missed.

2. Alerts and Breaking News

Twitter will use intelligence and context like location and accounts you follow to surface relevant, breaking news to each user.

Other upcoming changes include the ability to send tweets privately to other users, as well as significant changes to the home page, presumably to help discover relevant content.

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