Automatically Sync Your Contacts With Your Email Service Provider!

Yet another new, much-requested feature is here: auto-syncing! You can now automatically sync the new contacts you get through your Privy campaigns with your ESP. We currently support MailChimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber integrations, but stay tuned as we have plans to add more soon!

There are several steps to setting up auto-syncing for your campaigns. First, you need to connect Privy to your email service provider account. To do this, visit your Linked Accounts page under settings and add the account you wish to sync with.

Once you've linked your account, you'll notice a new auto-sync section where you can select the account you just added:


Now that you've set up your account, you can enable auto-syncing for each of the campaigns you want to sync with your ESP. Once enabled, all new contacts from those campaigns will end up in your designated mailing list automatically!

If you visit your campaigns page and open up the "Contacts" tab of any campaign, you'll notice the new auto-sync controls:


Here you can select the list to which you wish to send new contacts and enable or disable auto-syncing for the campaign. Different campaigns can sync with different lists. You can also auto-sync all contacts from all campaigns into a single list by clicking the "All Contacts" button (it's big and blue and has a mail icon on it) and enabling auto-sync from there.

We hope this new feature will make your job as a marketer a bit easier. If you have other ideas on how Privy can make your life easier, or you just need help setting up auto-sync, feel free to send us an email at We'd love to hear your feedback!

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