Facebook Ads: Everything You Need To Know

If you are overwhelmed by all of the information out there about Facebook Ads, we don't blame you.  Everyone has an opinion and there are hundreds of pieces of content out there online. We've written about Facebook Ads a lot here on the Privy Blog, so we figured we would pull it all into one post to give you a central resource for everything you need to know about advertising on Facebook.

Here's everything you need to know to get your money's worth on Facebook:

  • Should You Run Facebook Ads Or Boost A Post?
    • As a marketer, the selection of Facebook ad types can often be overwhelming. Should you run Facebook ads that appear in the right column and the newsfeed or should you just boost a post?  It all depends on who you are trying to target and your current audience on Facebook.  This post walks through the three scenarios to think about before deciding between an ad or a boosted post.
  • How To Create A Facebook Ad In Five Minutes
    • This post walks through how to create your first Facebook Ad in under five minutes.
  • How To Effectively Boost A Post
    • In general, only 5%-10% of your Facebook Fans see any given post. Sometimes, you want more people to see a post and Facebook allows you to pay to boost any post to more people. This post details what you need to do to spend that money efficiently and prove your ROI.
  • How To Target Mobile Users On Facebook
    • Looking at data across all of our customers, one thing has become very obvious over the last six months: mobile is having a huge impact on in-store sales.  Mobile not only has a higher redemption rate than desktop (30.4% redemption rate on mobile vs. 21.2% on desktop), but in-store redemptions happen 5x faster.  This post shows you how to take advantage of these trends by targeting ads at people using mobile devices (and it’s actually really easy to do).

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