How Tupelo Honey Cafe Captures Email Addresses In-Store With an iPad [Privy Case Study]

We always love hearing about customers using our core product in a creative way.

Christin Prince, SVP of Marketing at Tupelo Honey Cafe, came up with an idea that helped them collect new email addresses while guests were at the restaurant and helped them drive repeat visits.

Christin created a link to their Privy campaign and kept it open on a tab in the browser of an iPad at the restaurant.  The result? 587 new email addresses and 328 customers who came back and spent at least $10 on their next visit.

In channels outside the four walls, Christin has used Privy to add more than 2,000 emails to her database in just her first few months of using the platform. Not a bad start!

It is great to get people into the store but if you don’t have a a way to contact them again you can’t increase frequency, brand affinity or word-of-mouth. If they just had a great experience it’s the best time to get them to sign-up to hear from you again.
— Christin Prince, SVP of Marketing, Tupelo Honey Cafe
 Photo courtesy of Tupelo Honey Cafe on Facebook

Photo courtesy of Tupelo Honey Cafe on Facebook

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