Invite to free email acquisition product from Privy

Over the last few years, the core Privy product has helped restaurant marketers at brands like Hard Rock Cafe, Bruegger's Bagels, Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint and more convert 5% of their website traffic, and 35% of landing page traffic into new email addresses.  

We’re now repurposing our website widget and landing page tool to open it up for every marketer, not just restaurant and retail.  These tools are the perfect resource for ANY marketer looking to grow their email lists from their website, social media and paid channels - not to mention they are lightweight and easy to use (that means you don't need a designer or any help from IT).

I’d love for you to be one of our initial wave of beta testers, and if you like the product, there's no catch - it's yours for free.

We're already seeing marketers using the new product to get newsletter subscribers, run webinars, offer demo request forms and other lead generation efforts. Don't miss out! 

For a feature list and product screenshots, click below.

Grow your email list with website widgets and mobile landing pages from Privy. Sign up free at