3 Tips for Writing the Perfect Email

I'm glad you're interested in sending better emails - it's definitely a way for you to get consumers to come back to your stores when you want as opposed to when they feel like it. Here are a few ideas to help make sure each email you send has the best chance possible to get the right customers to come back.

1. Subject Line: GET TO THE POINT.

Consumers see more than 100 emails every single day and they aren't looking for yours. Your subject line should describe the value someone gets by reading your email. Some examples:

Strong Subject Lines 

  • $5 Off Coupon
  • Exciting News from [Business]
  • Special Offer For This Week Only

Weak Subject Lines (actual titles sent to my inbox)

  • [Name], Go Local!
  • [Brand] - More Life Happens Here
  • Give A Little, Get A Lot


2. The Message: Make it Beautiful.

The average consumer has an attention span of 8 seconds, approximately 1 second LESS than a goldfish. And, the brain can process images as much as 20x faster than text. So, make your email a beautiful image with a single message that relates to the subject line.


3. The Call To Action: Be Crystal Clear.

A good email gets the recipient to take an action such as click a link, download something or forward to a friend. Decide what your ONE action is and ask the recipient to do it in your message.

Many email service providers allow you to create buttons for your call to action. Do it! We are all perpetual clickers - give people something to click on. Here's an example of a marketing email from Carl's, Jr. with a great call to action:

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 2.20.00 PM.png

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