The One Thing Every Top Marketing Executive Knows

There is one fundamental truth that every marketing executive knows: effective marketing can only get someone to believe something about your brand, product or service or do something about your brand, product or service.

BELIEVE (a.k.a. Branding)

At the end of the day, your marketing team is trying to help its company increase sales. One of the challenges might be poor consumer perception. Dunkin Donuts had this exact problem.

dunkin logo.jpg

In New England, where Dunkin' Donuts started, everyone knows that you can get donuts and coffee at any location. Their tagline was "Just The Thing" - this gave you the feeling that a great donut (or whatever you buy there) always hit the spot. When they started expanding to new markets, people intuitively believed that you could only buy donuts at Dunkin' Donuts. The brand had a problem - how could they get coffee lovers to come to Dunkin' Donuts more regularly and buy coffee (a very high margin item)? The answer: make people believe that Dunkin' Donuts has great coffee. 

You'll notice that today's tagline for Dunkin' Donuts is "America Runs on Dunkin'". All of their marketing now features coffee and they are constantly pushing the fact that people who need their breakfast and coffee on the go can get it at Dunkin' Donuts. When you look at the above logo, what does it tell you about what Dunkin' Donuts sells?

DO (a.k.a. Call To Action)

Sometimes, you just want to drive sales that day. For this, you need to request a specific action and include a call to action, or, a reason for a consumer to come spend money with you right now. Here's a strong example from Sketchers:

photo (3).PNG

This is an ad that was found on Facebook - they are clearly trying to get me, on my phone, to go to their store and buy shoes. As you can see, there's a specific call to action: Go to a local Van store & get $20 bonus bucks. They've told me what they want me to do and what they'll give me for it.

Next time you're creating a marketing campaign, think about whether you're trying to get someone to believe or do something about your business. The more specific you are, the easier it is to communicate the message and measure results. 


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