The Trick to Driving Same Day Sales

Many of our customers want to drive immediate sales, in addition to creating sustainable lifts in revenue. We did a little digging on the data and the results were surprising:

Promotions make consumers act quickly

  • 82% of redemptions happen within 4 days after a consumer signs up for a promotion
  • 96% of redemptions happen within 14 days after a consumer signs up for a promotion

Some channels are better at driving sales than others

What's most interesting is that consumers will spend faster depending on when they found the promotion:

  • Your Website: people who find the promotion on a brand's website act immediately - over 80% of redemptions happen in the first 2 days...faster than any other channel
  • Your Facebook Page: people who find a promotion Facebook don't dilly dally, but are forgetful - we see a 30% increase in redemptions when we send a reminder to customers 3 days after they sign up for a promotion

What have you experienced with different channels? Is same-day sales a goals for you?

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