Tuesdays Are Best Days to Acquire New Customer

Ever wonder which day is the best for acquiring new customers? Our data clearly suggests Tuesdays. In a selected data set across multiple types of brick and mortar businesses, some interesting consumer engagement trends emerge.


First, Tuesdays see the most number of consumers signing up for promotions. This could be because consumers are looking for something to spice up their week, though we've seen studies that Thursdays tend to have email open rates that are roughly 7% higher than Tuesdays.

Second, Sundays see a 35.4% redemption rate on average, the highest of all days. They also, though, have the fewest number of consumers who signed up for promotions. Fridays, though, are the best days to drive customers in-store as they have a 24.8% redemption rate and 16% more in-store redemptions than the next closest day (Thursday). Naturally, Fridays are high volume sales days for restaurants, so you'll have to make sure you aren't cannibalizing sales.

redemption rate by day.png

Enforcing restrictions on your promotions can be hard to coordinate and awkward for your in-store employees to enforce. Using technology to enforce your restrictions by limited redemption opportunity is a clean fix. 

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