How to Tell if Your Website is Underperforming

So, you want to know if your website is "doing its job"? Great! First, it's important to understand why people come to your website.

People on your website are almost never current customers. In fact, people who are familiar with your brand/business rarely go to your website. Instead, website traffic is made up of people looking for just a few things:

  • Your menu
  • Any specials/promotions
  • The nearest location
  • Make a reservation
  • Your hours
  • Apply for a job (for people looking for employment)
  • Spy on you (for competitors)

Those consumers that are genuinely interested in your business and are on your website are basically ready to buy. Here's the data to prove it:

For a selected time period, we looked at how many people on a restaurant's website actually signed up for a promotion. It's clear that a large handful of people on a website are ready to buy and sign up for promotions.

Now look up your monthly unique traffic - imagine if you could convert 2.71% into qualified email addresses of real consumers who want to spend money with you now. Is your website performing as well as it should?

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