Two Tips to Boost Email Open Rates

It’s human nature - we always want more - and as a marketer, the same applies to email marketing.  We always want more opens and a higher open rate - but how?

1.  Test Your Email Address

The email address you’re sending from should clearly identify the name, brand, or organization that's sending the email.  (If you’re using an Email Service Provider like MailChimp or Constant Contact, this field is called the “From Email Address”).  Ask yourself “how will people quickly and easily recognize my business?”

Crazy Dough’s Pizza had been sending their emails from their generic catering email address:

They wanted to see what happened if they switched to something a little more personal, so they decided to use the email address of their Director of Sales & Marketing, Melissa. The result? A 35% increase in open rate. Hundreds more people opened the message sent from Melissa’s email address than they did from the catering email address.

2.  Create a Killer Subject Line

Stone Hearth Pizza used the subject line “Hungry? Here’s a coupon for half price pizza” to push their Limited Time Offer for March, and a whopping 47% of their email list opened the email.

So why was this subject line so effective?

It was relevant.  They sent the email right around lunch time on a Sunday when people were hungry.

It was valuable.  They gave subscribers an offer for half price pizza - that’s a great deal!

It was clear.  This subject line was straight to the point and there were no surprises or fluffy language.

As marketers, we love to get creative, but when it comes to subject lines, the best ones are often relevant, valuable and clear.

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