Welcoming Jim Schuchart, VP Sales

As we continue to grow our client list and expand into mid-market restaurant, retail and service brands, we're excited to welcome Jim Schuchart as our VP of Sales.

Jim's background in pricing, startup sales organizations and marketing strategies make him a natural fit for our growing team. He has a reputation among his former colleagues for being "the hire that every startup wishes they made early on", something that resonates strongly with the team and culture we're building at Privy.

                  Jim Schuchart - Privy's VP of Sales

                  Jim Schuchart - Privy's VP of Sales

Jim Spent the first part of his career as a project leader for the Monitor Group, helping Fortune 1000 companies leverage marketing and pricing strategies to grow their business. He later became the VP Sales at InsightSquared, a business intelligence tool for small and mid-sized companies. During his time there he led the company to 400% growth year-over-year. He graduated cum laude from Northwestern and completed one year of the MBA program at Sloan before leaving to drive growth at InsightSquared.

When I asked him why he chose Privy, Jim said:

Privy is a rare company with all three asses: a smart-ass team, a kick-ass product, and a big-ass market. Given my background in marketing strategy, the opportunity to help companies better manage and measure their marketing activities was extremely compelling. Additionally, the opportunity to build a world-class sales team offering a product that directly drives incremental revenue for our customers made the decision to join the Privy team an easy one.

Welcome aboard, Jim.

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