2 Ways to Increase Your Average Ticket Amount

One of the key business objectives every restaurant thinks about is how to increase average ticket prices. Many tactics including menu reorganization, server upsell, larger meal sizes and more are used to get those checks up. Certain promotions can be key to increase average ticket amounts as long as they are structured the right way. Here's what you need to know to get it done:

1. Offer a Promotion that is worth 10% less than your average ticket. If your average ticket is $13, offer a promotion that is worth $11-$12 total. For example, if you are a fast casual restaurant and most people buy a meal and a drink, offer a promotion for 20% off food only. People tend to spend more than they might normally when they are redeeming promotions.

2. Give A Free Side or Dessert. Sometimes a little indulgence goes a long way - people who were planning on eating out will choose to eat at your restaurant if they feel they are going to spend the same amount and get a little more. If it's something that has high margins for you, then you will give very little and get a lot.

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