The Secret Source of New Customers: Your Email List

Emailing your existing customers is one of the best ways to acquire new customers. If, and only if, you have the system in place to collect the email address of that new customer.

Stone Hearth Pizza uses their email list as a way to drive in-store traffic. They send an email blast offering a promotion such as a Junior Pizza for $5 or $2 Off Any Large Pizza. And it works: 23.5% of email recipients come in to spend money as a result of that email. What's amazing is that these email blasts also consistently grow their customer database - here's how:

We looked at 4 e-blast campaigns Stone Hearth has run and noticed something interesting - with each campaign, more people who sign up for promotions are new customers. This means that people on the email list are forwarding this promotion to their friends, family and coworkers who are then giving their email address to Stone Hearth in exchange for the promotion. Because Stone Hearth uses Privy, which requires people to sign up for the promotion with their email address, they were able to acquire the contact information of new customers.

ston hearth.png

As you can see, with each promotion, more people are forwarded the email and more new customers sign up.

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