How To Effectively Boost A Facebook Post

Our data has shown recently that Facebook seriously restricts how many of your fans see any of your content. In general, only 5%-10% of your Facebook Fans see any given post. Sometimes, you want more people to see a post and Facebook allows you to pay to boost any post to more people. Here's what you need to do to spend that money efficiently and prove your ROI:


1. Click 'Boost Post'
Every single post on your Facebook page now has the option to be boosted. To take action, click on the blue button on the bottom right corner of the post.


2. Choose Your Targeting
We recommend selecting a targeted audience so you can focus on people who are mostly either unaware of your brand or not deeply connected. If you do choose a targeted audience, make sure to choose a tight target (e.g. specific cities, specific age ranges, etc.). There are a ton of reasons to target people who are familiar with your brand and we'll leave that decision to you.

3. Choose Your Schedule
Facebook automatically sets you to a price that is higher than their minimum. Don't be fooled! You can choose any amount you want. Another sneaky trick is that Facebook defaults your boost to just 1 day. To spread your boosted post over multiple days, click the drop down and choose any number of days. This way, you can spend $30 to last across 6 days instead of blowing your whole budget right away.

Go test for yourself! Boosting Facebook posts are cheap and easy. But, DON'T FORGET TO MEASURE! Before you boost a post, make sure to note how many Facebook Fans you have before you start so you can see your improvement. Of course, you can find all of that information in your Insights section, too.

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