Email Database Growth: Anatomy of a Long Running Offer

More than ever before, our restaurant and retail clients are venting about challenges they're having around hitting email database numbers. They want to grow their email database, yet the typical "join our newsletter forms" aren't converting well. 

Below you'll find some examples of what we call Long Running Offers, or LROs. These are small giveaways used to incentivize a visitor to use their email address in order to receive the offer. Basically, what incentive would you offer a potential customer in order to build a lasting relationship with that customer? If structured properly, an LRO can be instrumental for new email address collection.

By modifying the traditional newsletter signup form ever so slightly, LROs can accelerate your email database growth by 5-10X traditional methods. Simply showing what a consumer gets ahead of registration as opposed to blocking the offers until after registration makes a huge difference. We call this primary stimulus vs secondary stimulus. Go ahead, try it and see how your conversion rate increases.

For a few tips on structuring and distributing your email acquisition offer, check out the slides below.

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