10 Fast Food Chains With Awesome Secret Menu Items

1. In-N-Out Burger

Although it's hardly a secret, In-N-Out burger has an extensive selection of unlisted menu items with a cult-like following.

2. Dairy Queen 

While it is known that Dairy Queen offers a few "secret" blizzard and sundae flavors, rumor has it the ice cream empire also keeps a whole binder full of recipes for discontinued choices and secret menu items.

3. Chipotle

Perhaps the most famous secret menu item of all, "The Quesarito" headlines Chipotles secret menu, which also includes other items such as "The Burritodilla" and nachos.

4. Starbucks

Because they are very loyal to the motto "the customer is always right," there is no limit to what can be made at Starbucks. Above are the most common beverage requests.

5. McDonalds

According to many pioneering foodies, McDonalds also keeps an array of recipes aside for their secret menu.

6. Burger King 

Another fast food empire with little known menu items, Burger King offers a collection of menu variations upon request.



7. Jamba Juice

Labeled the "underground menu," the above list of drink flavors and their recipes is supposedly kept behind every countered, but never advertised

8. Subway

Short, but sweet. Subway's secret menu isn't extensive, yet is packed with great flavors and variations of classic subs.

9. Taco Bell

Consisting of super-hero named items and various other creative foods, the Taco Bell Secret Menu is full of options for a hungry adventurous eater.


10. Sonic

This menu, consisting of special soda flavors, old menu choices and other unlisted foods, is available at most Sonic locations upon request.

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