5 Tips To Remember For Better Email Open Rates

Everyone knows email is an amazing tool to help restaurants motivate consumers to come back. Privy data shows that 79.1% of repeat customer acquisition comes from email marketing. It all starts with the subject line so you can get more opens. Here's what makes a good subject line:



1. Be Clear

People will not open your email if they don't know why they should open it. Tell them what they will find - information on an event, a promotion, an announcement of a new menu item...the clearer the better...er.

2. Write the Subject Line AFTER you write the email

It's hard to be concise. It's easy to summarize. Write your email first, then pull away the most important point and, voila! There's your subject line.

3. Keep The Subject Line BELOW 50 Characters

Sometimes mail providers block subject lines over 50 characters, so be sure to keep it short.

4. Don't ignore the "From" line!

People are suspect of emails from people they don't trust and people don't trust those they don't recognize. Make sure the "From" line is your brand or someone that people can readily associate with your brand.

5. Provide a call to action

It's important to be succinct and precise while also giving people a reason, or trigger, to take action. Try subject lines like: "New Menu Item [Act While It's Still Available]" or "Breakfast is Almost Here [Open For A Morning Gift!]"

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