Introducing The New Privy Dashboard

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our new and improved dashboard! We listened to your feedback and pored over usage data to create a beautiful new experience that makes your job easier than ever.

Streamlined Campaign Setup

We simplified campaign creation so it’s easier to see exactly what’s needed in order to get a new campaign out the door. Just add your offer and restrictions, set the schedule, determine your distribution and approve for launch.

Powerful New Reporting

As a marketer using Privy, the real fun starts after you launch a campaign and the results start rolling in. Now you can understand campaign performance and channel effectiveness in a number of new ways.

Sharing Links Report

When we added the Sharing Links report last fall, we didn’t realize how popular it would be. We’ve since learned how much you love the ability to go beyond impressions and see the entire online to offline funnel — clicks, claims, and in-store redemptions.

Now you’ll see this report on every campaign page, with simple charts that make it easy for you to visually compare conversion data on every sharing link. We’ve also added the ability to copy either your custom Privy URL or a short URL when creating and distributing sharing links.

Campaign Summary & Growth Reports

Our usage data made it clear that people spend a majority of their time looking at individual campaigns, so we’ve made that page more powerful, giving you a full set of summary and growth reports for every campaign. Now you can toggle between reports that give you an overall snapshot of claims and redemptions, or get a more detailed understanding of how the campaign has performed over time.

We’re always making improvements based on your feedback, so please keep it coming and let us know what you think about the new dashboard!