Organic Reach on Facebook Makes Your Boosted Post Better

When thinking about whether or not you should boost a Facebook post, first, make sure you understand the organic reach of your post as it has a HUGE impact on the bang you get for your buck.

One of our customers, Golden Krust, ran 4 different boosted posts – we took a look at the data and are sharing the insights with you. They spent the same amount on each post. Of the 4, 1 of them was more than 200% more effective than the average of the other three. One of the biggest reasons: more organic reach.

DateJuly 31 PostJuly 14 PostJune 20 PostJune 2 Post
Paid Reach (%)91.6%97.3%95.6%92.3%
Organic Reach (%)8.4%2.7%4.4%7.7%

As you can see on the July 31 post, the organic reach was 8.4%, which is 9% higher than the June 2nd post and almost double the other two posts. Most impressively, look at the impressions count; the July 31 post reached more than 10,000 more sets of eyeballs than any of the other posts (that’s a 40% improvement!). For the same $100, it is safe to say they got a lot more value on the post which had higher organic reach.

So what makes a post get more organic reach than another? Engagement. The July 31 post got almost twice as many engagements as any other boosted post.

DateJuly 31 PostJuly 14 PostJune 20 PostJune 2 Post
Total Engagements608187337297

When you’re thinking about boosting a post, do yourself a favor and test 3 iterations of the post first, pick the one with the best engagement, then boost it or recreate it and boost that post.

Good luck!

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