Here's What Your Executive Team MUST Know About Facebook

Many marketers face the dreaded Ignorant Executive team. Have you heard things like "Social Media is a fad" or "We have to get on Snapchat...I saw my daughter using that" or "I feel like something is happening on Twitter...are we Tweeting enough"? Then guess what: you too have an ignorant executive team. Fear not! Here is a quick guide of what your Executive Team needs to know about Facebook.

1. Social Media isn't leaving

Facebook has 18.2% of all living humans logging in at least once a month (tweet this)

2. Facebook isn't a marketing cure-all

There are still more than 80% of the planet NOT on Facebook. (tweet this)

3. Social Media is about showing brand personality

49% of consumers become a brand's Facebook fan to support brands they like. (tweet this)

4. You can track ROI from social media (but don't always have to)

Using a campaign tracking tool, like Privy, you can measure the ROI of Call to Action marketing. We believe that roughly 20% of your efforts on social media should be Call to Action. The rest should be about branding. (tweet this)

5. Consumers "Like" brands that they have an emotional connection with, not one that they necessarily spend money with.

46% of consumers said they "Liked" brands they had no intention of buying from. (tweet this)

6. A qualified email address is worth more than a Facebook Like.

When you post to your fans, Facebook only shows that post to 5%-12% of your fans. When you send an email to an opted-in list, nearly 100% of that list received your email. Would you rather reach 5/100 people or 100/100 people? (tweet this)

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