How To Target Mobile Users On Facebook

Looking at data across all of our customers, one thing has become very obvious over the last six months: mobile is having a huge impact on in-store sales.  Mobile not only has a higher redemption rate than desktop (30.4% redemption rate on mobile vs. 21.2% on desktop), but in-store redemptions happen 5x faster.

As a marketer, you can take advantage of these trends by targeting ads at people using mobile devices, and it’s actually really easy to do.  Here’s are the three steps to target mobile devices on Facebook.

1.  After you’ve added the images/copy for your ad and set the basic audience details in Facebook’s Ads Manager, scroll down to Behaviors.  Click in the box and you’ll see a dropdown with an option to select "Mobile Device User.”

2.  Select "Mobile Devices by Operating System.” 

3. Choose which devices you want to target.  Our recommendation is to stick with Android & iOS, which make up the majority of all mobile device usage.

Target Mobile 4.png

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