What 4 things make Privy's Pizza Customers Successful

National Pizza month, October is fast approaching! Two key things our Pizza clients have said they love about Privy:

  1. How we help them grow their email database

  2. How we help them understand exactly how many transactions they get from any online channel.

And these are just outcomes of running any campaign on Privy - you just simply get more out of your efforts. After observing hundreds of campaigns, and thousands upon thousands of transactions, we've seen a few characteristics that lead to huge success:


  • Experimentation

    • You never know until you try. Our best customers try, test and measure different marketing activities. Whether it's new promotions, new channels, paid vs. free distribution or different language. They've learned that the more you test and measure, the faster you learn what is most effective. Then, your marketing will be insanely powerful.

    • Example: Uncle Maddio’s tested giving away a free wristband instead of a food item- within a month they received 700 new email addresses.

  • Building and Sticking to a Plan

    • Our most successful customers build testing plans - for smaller organizations, it's usually in 3 month intervals. For larger organizations, it's usually in 3-6 month intervals. Within an interval, they create a number of different promotions, a number of hypotheses around which channels will deliver the best results, and off they go! Sometimes, one of their hypotheses is wrong, so they add new channels, but they stick to their test so they can learn constructively and improve forever.

    • Example: Hard Rock Cafe ran a campaign in which they tested Facebook, Twitter, Email, their website and Banner Ads. They found that Facebook delivered a 15x ROI, Banner Ads substantially under performed and Email was the most consistent. As a result, they're shifting budgets around for their next campaign.


  • Running Limited Time Offers

    • There are two main goals our clients have: (1) increase sales and (2) grow their customer database. (1) Limited Time Offers are an amazing way to drive sales. They give consumers a reason to spend money with you (trigger) and a deadline by which they have to take advantage (time incentive). In all direct marketing, trigger+incentive=sales. Customers that leverage this see amazing success.

    • Example: Crazy Dough’s Pizza Fourth of July promotion- $4 off any Large pizza for the 4th of July. With LTO this these Crazy Dough’s has increased sales by …………….

  • Running Long Running Offers

    • (2) We've seen that LRO (Long Running Offers), which typically live on the brand's website, are an amazing database grower.

    • Example: Stone Hearth Pizza puts a promotion for first-time customers only on their website via the Privy widget. Since they started, they have grown their database by 368% by doing no additional work. Incredible.

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