What Facebook posts get the most likes?



Engaging with your fans on Facebook isn't easy. Each of your fans has a news feed full of photos and updates from people that fan knows and care about - and your content is competing with all of it. To them you are a restaurant or store they may or may not have visited once. That's why you have to work extra hard to get their attention and draw them in. With that in mind here are some proven types of content that effectively engages people:

  • Photos, Photos, Photos. Everyone knows photos yield the most likes. On average 87% of likes come from photos, far more than albums, videos, links, and status updates. Also photos of food automatically make people hungry so post photos of your delicious subs!
  • Promotions are another key tool to get people to like your page. About 60% of likes for all brands came from promotions. Promotions are any announcement of a special offer.
  • Entertainment is very important. People go on Facebook to connect/share with friends but also to be amused. Give them something to laugh at and get more engagement. “Tongue and cheek” graphics are great- check out rottencards.com or someecards.com.
  • Sharing big life moments. Important moment posts generate 3.75X more likes than normal status updates. People love to share in your pride. Some big moments for restaurants are: grand openings, new funding, birthdays/anniversaries, new menu or any meaningful moment.

If you’re looking to generate more comments try interactive posts such as questions, fill in the blanks, or "would you rathers". These posts are another form of entertainment.  If you go with a question think about the type. A Hubspot study reports ‘should’ ‘would’ ‘which’ and ‘who’ questions to be the most effective.

Another fun idea is to use an emoticon. According to a AMEX OPEN, businesses using emoticons reported 33% more comments, 33% more shares, and 57% more likes on posts with emoticons than standard posts. So  



Soon enough, you'll want to know if any of your Facebook posts are driving in-store sales. Good news: Privy helps you measure the ROI of Facebook and other channels. To learn how this works, get a free consultation from a Privy Customer Success Advocate.