Where to Focus Audience Growth

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Now that there are multiple platforms through which brands can connect with their customers, marketers have to prioritize their work more than ever. Where should you invest your time? Money? Content? Here's a guide on the benefits and disadvantages of audience growth on key platforms.

FacebookEasy to test different acquisition strategies; Fairly easy to grow audience; Inexpensive to grow audienceCan only reach 5%-12% organically; Easy for fans to unfollow your brand; Hard to keep audience's attention
TwitterTwitter doesn't restrict how many of your followers see your content; Free to publish an unlimited amountPeople only see your content if they're reading when you publish; There are fewer people on Twitter than Facebook; Hard to get more followers
WebsiteYou own all content that is shown; There's no limit to how many people can visit your siteIncreasing web traffic is expensive and not straight forward; You have to host and design your own content; Hard to get people to come back (no lasting connection)
Email ClubYou can email anyone on your list whenever you want; Sending emails can be inexpensive; You can a/b test different content to see what works bestAcquiring quality email addresses can be costly and time-consuming; Consumers have a habit of unsubscribing; Some email service providers charge way too much

Given the pros and cons, we advise that you focus on growing a quality email list and earning the right to communicate with people. You'll end up getting a far higher return than on any other platform.