How to hack marketing automation for free using Mailchimp and Privy

“Marketing automation” has become one of the most popular terms in digital marketing, especially related to email.   Marketing automation is primarily about (drum roll…)... automating the basics of the marketing process.   

A key capability within the marketing automation process is acquiring new email addresses from people who visit your website, and then delivering relevant content to these new email subscribers to keep them engaged with your brand and your message.

How do you hack marketing automation with Mailchimp and Privy?

To start, create a new list in Mailchimp.  For example, you can call it “Testing List”.


Mailchimp has a robust and easy to use “Automation” feature. Setup a new automation workflow within Mailchimp that goes to the “Testing List” you just created.  An easy email template to start with is a welcome message that is sent out right away when a new subscriber is added to the list. You can then also do things like send a coupon code three days later, and a reminder about the coupon code a few days after that, and so forth.  Or perhaps you want to share with them a helpful research paper several days after signing up.  All of this is possible and customizable with Mailchimp’s automation.

Last, you’ll need to connect Privy to Mailchimp. The Privy email collection website widget has a simple feature that allows you to auto-sync new email addresses with any Mailchimp list in your Mailchimp account.  As new people sign up for your email list - either by subscribing from the Privy widget on your website or via a landing page you shared that is powered by Privy - you can automatically have them added to an email list you’ve created within Mailchimp by logging into your Privy dashboard, linking your Mailchimp account, and then turning on auto-sync and specifying the list.


Now, with Privy’s auto-sync turned on and feeding directly into your Mailchimp list, and the automation email sequence setup within Mailchimp to go to new email subscribers on a specified timeline, you have successfully hacked a basic marketing automation sequence using Privy & Mailchimp! You can now sit back and watch the machine work its magic, as new email signups are automatically communicated with by the system.

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