New Feature: Requiring Store Location Selection Before Conversion

One of the great things about capturing redemption information is the subsequent ability to segment your customer list by store. This is super helpful for running highly targeted, store, city and region based campaigns.

Until today, the ability to segment your customer list by store was dependent on that consumer actually redeeming your offer. With ~30% redemption rates that's certainly a great start, but it would be nice to capture this datapoint for all consumer who engage with your offer, even if they don't redeem. 

Today we just rolled out an additional feature to do exactly that. If you want, Privy marketers can now require consumers to select their preferred store location before converting on the landing page and widget.

Now, it is crucial to balance the desire for more data with consumer conversion rates. Presumably, requiring consumers to fill out more fields before converting on your campaigns will likely add friction to the process and your campaign results could in theory go down. So it's up to you to monitor conversion rates closely and weigh the decision of requiring the location field or not.

If you do turn on this feature, at any point after launching a campaign where the location selection is required, that data will now be available when you go to export your campaign customer list. Now you'll have location data for every single customer on your list. Pretty sweet.

If you want to enable this feature for your account, email