Announcing real-time email notifications for your campaigns

Great news. Privy now supports real-time email notifications for businesses who need to be notified immediately when new leads convert . This is perfect for those who are collecting additional information using custom forms and need to act fast when new leads come in. With this new feature, any of the users on your Privy account can toggle this setting on for a single, or multiple campaigns. The real-time notification setting is found in the campaign creation modal.

As an example, below is a embedded Privy campaign that collects sales leads from our own website.

With real-time email notifications turned on for this campaign, I get an immediate email with all the completed inputs from this new lead.

One of the beautiful things about this is that in addition to receiving this notification, your "Email Sync" settings for the campaign remain intact. So you can easily have new leads synced to your newsletter, like we do, or trigger automation sequences to nurture them along.

Real-time email notifications are available under the Privy Commerce and Enterprise plans. For a limited time only, we're offering this feature to anyone who subscribes to the Plus plan in the month of November. Visit our pricing page for details.