[New Feature] Relative Redemption Periods

To date, all offers powered by Privy were required to have a redemption period according to  fixed set of dates. Let's say the campaign was redeemable from January 1 - January 30th. That means anyone who claims the offer on January 29th, only has one day left to use the offer. In many cases that is the intended behavior of your offer. But in some cases you want to enable the customer to redeem the offer in a time frame that is relative to when they first claimed the offer.

This week all of that changes with the launch of our relative redemption periods.

In certain scenarios, marketers want to have an offer that runs all year round, and they only want the customer to be able to use it within a certain period of time relative to when they signed up for the offer.

Here are two quick examples:

1. You run an ecommerce store and want to have a perpetual 10% off popup.

Now you can select relative redemption in the offer schedule, and have the popup running all year round, but limit the customer to redeem the promotion within 2 weeks of when they claimed the offer.

2. You run a restaurant and want to have a customer service offer.

Whether a bad Yelp review, or a complaint to customer service was the issue, you can now have a "hidden" customer service offer that is given out to a guest who had a sour experience. You can now limit the redemption of that ongoing campaign to 30 days from when you sent it to them.

If you are already using Privy offers, simply login to create your first offer with our relative redemption periods.