Privy helps Bruegger's Bagels achieve record email list growth and sales [case study]

As a long time customer of Bruegger's Bagels, it's been amazing to begin working with their talented, forward thinking marketing team. The results from their first two months using the Privy platform have been absolutely incredible. Already, we've helped them increase their email acquisition rate 12X as compared to historical efforts. And, since rolling Privy out at the national level to their 300 retail locations,  they've acquired over 45,000 new emails, and driven over 30,000 of those customers in-store.

Bruegger's is seeing major success incorporating Privy into a diverse set of marketing initiatives including:

  • Geotargeted grand opening campaigns
  • Nationwide promotions
  • Brand awareness programs
  • Customer service appeasement efforts
"After running our first campaign using the Privy platform, we were amazed at how many emails we were acquiring in just the first few days. We added over 45,000 new emails to our eClub. Before Privy, that would have taken us at least 2 years to accomplish. The software was operationally smooth and simple to roll out across all 300 of our retail locations and digital marketing assets".  
- Holly Ryan, Digital Marketing Manager at Bruegger's Bagels 


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